Custom Homes

You can build a house that suits your lifestyle without compromising on cost, vision or space. From the first hand shake to the final hand over of the keys to your new home, we’re with you every step of the way. Join us, as we build custom Christchurch homes at wholesale prices for discerning New Zealanders.

Build For Extra Strength:

This package comes with Ecoply Barrier, which adds extra structural resistance to your house. On top of that it forms a moisture-resistant barrier, eliminating the need for flexible building wrap.

Home build Ecoply

Build For Extra Space:

Get the garage set up as an extra room with full insulation, double glazing, nylon carpet & a pre-wiring for a second heat pump to accommodate a growing family. Because you never know what the future holds.

Upgraded Garage

Build for the Future:

Make your house smarter with Precise Electrical. From an automated door lock to online security cameras and more, get connected with this smart home package. Prepare for the future, because it’s here now.

Home Build Automation


Talk To Our Happy Customers.

We do not have a show home staffed by salespeople. This minimises our build costs and our break even point. Instead of a show room we believe you just need to contact our happy customers.

Our Office Is The Work Ute.

Our office is a well-used company vehicle and you will usually find us on site ensuring our clients get their homes as quickly as possible. It also means we can come to you.

Deal Direct With The Builder.

You will deal directly with the business owner and builder. You will not receive advice or promises that cannot be delivered.

Ferg Wears Many Hats.

We do not have Senior Managers; no General Manager, Marketing Manager, Operations or Finance Manager. All work will be under the direct supervision of the owner and builder.

Small Business, Small Overheads.

We are a small business and operate our business with low costs. This reduces your build cost, because we’re not passing large overheads on to you. We think that’s the responsible way to do business.

Lowest Price Suppliers.

We belong to builder’s co-operative so that our business gets the same low supplier prices as the largest group builder.

Open Book Policy.

We provide an open book policy on our leading supplier’s costs. This enables you to get full visibility of costs and can make changes to minimise costs as required.

Wholesale Prices On Any Variations.

We will not add a margin on any minor variations you wish to make, and you will get the same trade/wholesale prices on products.

Proven Suppliers And Tradesmen.

I deal only with Industryrecognised suppliers and Tradespeople, who are reliable, professional, honest and understand the importance of providing nothing short of quality for the homeowner.

Lower Build Margins.

By minimising the cost of your build, we can guarantee you will minimise your total build cost and improve the value of your completed property.

Owners Personal Guarantee.

As the owner and the guy with his name on the van, I will always give you the best advice that will keep your build on time, quality products in your home and more money in your pocket.

Master Builder Guarantee.

Because we are registered master builders you get a 10 standard year guarantee on your new home. Any time you call us we’ll come round and sort out any problems that may arise in your new home, no problem.