Get Your Healthy Homes 10K Upgrade for FREE

Our Healthy Homes $10k upgrade is just one way we are giving value back to the homeowner. After all, our kids will need houses one day, and we want to make sure they have only the best to choose from.

Indoor air needs to be exhausted and effectively replaced by new
fresh air to keep oxygen levels correct and remove most pollutants.
The Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers use exhaust air to pre-condition the
incoming air, thus reducing the cooling or heating load and the
overall size for the required air conditioning system, rather than just
discharging air conditioned air out to the atmosphere. This improves
the energy efficiency of the building.

• Control your heat pump from anywhere, anytime…
• This clever unit will:
• Save you energy
• Monitor temperature & humidity remotely
• Schedule up to 7 days in advance
• Turn on or off based on your location
• Connect to Google Home, Alexa & IFTT

Harvey Norman New Zealand 55” – 65” LED TELEVISION
We’ll kit your new home out with a new flat screen television. As part of our free upgrade, your dream home comes complete with a LED television, because we know you wont want to leave the house once you’ve moved in!

*This is a “take it or leave it” offer. We’ve pulled strings to make this package affordable. No cash or credit alternatives available.