I’m Fergus Waddell and I Build Amazing Homes

Forget damp, mouldy, cold houses that still cost a fortune a build. Forget compromising on your vision. Forget being sold an unrealistic dream by pushy salespeople with commission targets to meet.

Hi, I’m Fergus Waddell and this is my company. I’ve been in building for over 30 years – since I was 16! I’m not impressed with our building industry these days, we can do better. As with all businesses, value, integrity and trust come from the top down.

If you look at all the building companies that have failed over the past few years, most of them were top heavy with CEO’s, salespeople, multiple show homes and not enough decision makers that actually got out of the stuffy office and built things.

I’m about getting things done the right way and being proud of putting my name on what I build. I’m the only guy at the top, so your house isn’t paying for multiple redundant salaries, that’s why it will cost less without compromising on quality.

All my clients deal with me from the very beginning, to the day they get the keys to their new home. You’ll find me on the building site, working from my truck, making sure everything is done right and on time.