Ferg Waddell Builds for Extra Strength

We don’t just talk about how unique homes are, we actively encourage our clients to think about their wants and needs – both now and for the future. To help facilitate that we’ve created 3 custom packages to choose from when you build with us.

Here’s one:

Building For Extra Strength:
Ecoply Barrier offers a true system approach to creating a rigid
air barrier, with all components specifically designed to work
together. The engineered plywood panel is sealed with a unique
powder coating which, when used with Ecoply Barrier Tapes,
forms a moisture-resistant barrier, eliminating the need for flexible
building wrap. Not only does this product drastically reduce build times, it creates the most rigid and safe structure a homeowner could ask for.

Talk to me – Ferg – if you want more information on what Ecoply can do for you.