Our Standard Upgrades, the Garage

Want a truly customised home without sinking more budget – and difficult decisions – into your plans? We offer 3 standard upgrades to help make life easier for you and your wallet. Every home we build comes with one these upgrades built into the price. Here’s one for growing families:

Get your internal access garage set up as an extra room with full insulation, double glazing, nylon carpet & pre-wiring for a second heat pump. Utilise your entire home by transforming that extra space into a comfortable extra bedroom, an office, man shed or child-proof rumpus room! You can even plan for the future because the nylon carpet is durable and stain & water resistant, so you can still use it as a garage.

This Upgrade Includes:
Insulation to Garage Door
All garage aluminium joinery double glazed Insulation to ceiling and all walls in garage
Nylon carpet on garage floor
Pre-wiring done for a second heatpump

Another Ferg Waddell Homes completed!

We have joined forces with the solid team over at Precise Electrical Ltd to bring you the home of the future at a price from the past. This is just one of 3 custom upgrade packages you can choose from to help make your home fit your needs, without breaking into the budget sweats. Every home we build comes with the cost of one upgrade built in, here’s one for the future!

Building For The Future:

Own the smartest house on the block with an automation package that instantly adds value to your home – and your life! An entertainers dream and the future standard of living, smart homes bring all your devices into one central intuitive hub, providing the support, flexibility, adaptability and scalability needed to handle the latest technology without compromising performance.

This Upgrade Includes:

Rock-solid network: UniFi Basic Network Pack & Setup Fee
Brain of the smart home: Control4 EA-1 and Remote
Control 4Sight App: Scale & control your smart home systems & appliances easily!

Healthy Homes 10k Package

Ferg Waddell Homes November Offer

There are some things that every home needs to make it’s family happy and healthy. So we’re including them in every build, free.

Every Ferg Waddell Home that is built from October 2018 will come with a Toshiba Fresh Air Recovery System, a Sensibo WiFi Heatpump Controller & an LCD/LED TV.

Don’t sacrifice your families health for the sake of budget, because with us you don’t have to.

We believe it’s our job to make building affordable, so we work to keep our own overheads low and create the right building partnerships for trade prices and quality materials, giving you the benefit of an affordable house, made with high quality materials NOT a cheap house made with low quality junk.

I’m Fergus Waddell and I Build Amazing Homes

Forget damp, mouldy, cold houses that still cost a fortune a build. Forget compromising on your vision. Forget being sold an unrealistic dream by pushy salespeople with commission targets to meet.

Hi, I’m Fergus Waddell and this is my company. I’ve been in building for over 30 years – since I was 16! I’m not impressed with our building industry these days, we can do better. As with all businesses, value, integrity and trust come from the top down.

If you look at all the building companies that have failed over the past few years, most of them were top heavy with CEO’s, salespeople, multiple show homes and not enough decision makers that actually got out of the stuffy office and built things.

I’m about getting things done the right way and being proud of putting my name on what I build. I’m the only guy at the top, so your house isn’t paying for multiple redundant salaries, that’s why it will cost less without compromising on quality.

All my clients deal with me from the very beginning, to the day they get the keys to their new home. You’ll find me on the building site, working from my truck, making sure everything is done right and on time.